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Level 2 Artist

$52 per hour

​Hi Im Samantha , Helping people feel beautiful brings me so much joy and Doing hair is an amazing creative outlet for me, it’s art + science all in one! I love that the industry and hair trends are always evolving, there’s always something new to learn to keep things interesting​ I have been passionate about color theory and design for my entire life and have a well trained artistic eye. I love absolutely creating “lived in” and natural looking color as well as pastels and vivid colors.

Some facts about me. I have been vegan for years and am an animal lover. I'm also  an artist, I love all mediums but painting and photography have always been my favorite. Baking is one of my hobbies, I love to create vegan versions of recipes! I love nature and gardening!  Most of my free time is spent outdoors when the weather is nice.

When you meet with me ​ I will provide a calm and relaxing experience for you at the salon. I have a gentle touch when doing hair (especially great for anyone with a sensitive scalp) and I focus on working with each guests natural hair color and texture to give them results that work well for their hair type and lifestyle

Cant wait to meet you!!

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